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 Are you feeling stressed?

Is anxiety getting the better of you?

Do you have painful neck, shoulders or back?

Are your muscles just tender and achy?

Are you lacking in energy?

Or are you just in need of some compassionate healing?

Massage and Energy Healing is the perfect combination for balance and healing.


Massage soothes those sore and aching muscles. And it comforts and relaxes your whole body, It  also helps to release anxiety and relax our mind too.

And  massage also improves our blood circulation, lymph drainage, digestion and cell regeneration.

This boosts our immune system, increases joint mobility and helps release toxins.

Intuitive Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing can also help you to release anxiety and stress and allow your body to regenerate and heal.

I love my job! There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing my clients relax and release tension, discomfort and pain during a professional massage treatment.

I have over 20 years experience, two ITEC qualifications in massage and two Certificates in Intuitive Energy Healing.

Tailored to meet your own unique needs, your treatment is carried out in a calm and relaxing environment, leaving you feeling rested and restored.

You can find me at  Dublin Wellness Centre, in South William Street, Dublin 2.