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 Back, Neck and Shoulders Deep Tissue and Relaxing (Spa) Massage Treatment   

Relaxing (Spa) Massage and Deep Tissue Massage techniques on the lower and upper back and across the shoulders and neck. Soothes, relaxes and takes the kinks out of those overworked muscles.

½ Hour Relaxing Facial and Scalp Massage

By gently massaging the face, scalp, neck and shoulders, this treatment helps to release stress and induces deep relaxation in the whole body. First I cleanse the skin, (I use a gentle organic cleanser but you can bring your own cleanser if you want), then I use an organic coconut oil for the massage.  Or you own moisturiser, if you prefer.

½ Hour Relaxing Foot Massage

Believe it or not, our feet contain greater than 7,000 nerves, and by gently massaging them we can release stress, relieve anxiety and induce deep relaxation in the whole body. When we walk, our muscles have a tendency to migrate from the heels towards the toes, and the gentle techniques used in the foot massage will encourage them to move back towards the heel. So not only will the foot massage leave you feeling de-stressed and relaxed, your feet will also feel more comfortable when you are walking.

 Deep Tissue and Relaxing (Spa) Massage Treatment  

 Deep Tissue and Relaxing  Massage Treatment on Legs,  Back, Neck, Shoulders and Upper Chest. Soothes, relaxes and takes the kinks out of those overworked muscles.

90 Minute Deep Tissue/ Relaxing Massage and Spiritual Energy Healing.

Enjoy an hour-long  massage treatment combined with 30 minutes of Spiritual Energy Healing. Spiritual Energy Healing uses the energy from which we all began (whether you believe that to be God, The Universe, The Big Bang, or anything in between) to bring about a deep healing of your body and spirit.


Combine some of the above to create your own treatment

Prices are based on time rather than specific treatment:

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My practice is of the highest standard and I do not offer any massage of an erotic or sexual nature.

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